If you have an aversion to the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’, think again! Affiliate marketing is simply and Internet term that means you have an online ‘store’ filled with product you sell. So if you have a blog or a website for your specific business and you don’t have product that you can personally recommend to your target market, then you are not really helping them. You need to go all the way and be willing to speak about what has worked for you and be willing to offer them to your clients. You are in business because you want to offer something unique and because you care so much about quality. You want to take care of your customers. Well, your business HAS to take care of you too. If it does not, you won’t be in business for very long. If you are already an affiliate for products and you just aren’t promoting them on your dynamic blog, then why not? What needs to happen for you to step up and start driving business your way? So here’s my challenge: if you use products that you love and that compliment the business you want to build (or that you already have), find out if there is an affiliate program for them. Email me with questions about how to find that if you need to. If you have your affiliate links already but you just haven’t started your own blog store, you need to do that right away. Comment below, email your questions, and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel here. Let’s stay in touch.
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