Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day

Affiliate marketing is hot; here’s how to get your program goingNearly every retailer in the Internet Retailers’ Top 500 has an affiliate marketing program. Now free affiliate networks, automation software, and pay-for-performance compensation models are making it easy for small businesses to take advantage of this marketing tool. In the popular An Hour a Day format, this guide features a detailed, real-world, task-based approach to developing, launching, and managing a successful affiliate mark

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Affiliate Niche Research, Keyword Research & Site Building (Supertargeting Affiliate Training)

The first lesson in the Supertargeting Affiliate Training Course is an in-depth ebook that covers niche research for new Amazon affiliate sites. Niche selection is one of the most important aspects to starting a new Amazon affiliate website because it can easily determine whether your site fails or succeeds.

Niche selection involves researching a potential niche, product selection, domain name selection and search engine keyword research. You can expect to learn the important aspects

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