Shawn Collins of discusses whether people really make money in affiliate marketing. Q Are there people actually making money with Affiliate marketing? Could you give reference websites. There are too many liars in this business. A: As far as your first question, yes, there are people making money in affiliate marketing. And also, I agree that there are too many liars in this business. One example I will give you is my site, Take a look there, because I tell my story about how I got started in affiliate marketing. It was a pretty slow start. I went a few months without making a dime. The new few months after that I made a little bit. My progress continued from there, as I testing things out and developed successful processes for my sites. This enabled me to scale up. The majority of people are not making a lot of money in affiliate marketing. However, if you put some time into it, you can certainly make 0 or 0 a month through affiliate marketing. If you invest more time and money, you can scale it up. There are many folks making a nice living this way. As far as reference websites, a couple of the bigger affiliate sites are Flamingo World and FatWallet in the coupon site area. There are so many different types of affiliate sites out there. Hopefully, that puts you a little at ease with how thing work. When it comes to advice from affiliate marketers, take a look at the various forums to get a feel for which people are
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