Question by millervfcorp: how do you go about getting starting affiliate marketing?
I want to know where is a good site to go to learn about affiliate marketing for free,any start up costs, a good site to obtain the affiliate marketing software,and whatever else to expect or anything helpful. I will most certainly award 10 points for the best answer.

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Answer by Bethany RC
I wouldn’t pay “extra” to have someone walk you through the process. That is more or less a waste of your money. Invest your money in your business that you will be using in the affiliation with other companies.

The best way to start is to have your own website in which you can add and subtract anything you wish. This will be where any “start up costs” are needed, unless you are an experienced web developer. –it won’t help you if no one is interested in visiting your site… lol

Then, you can go to company sites that you want to have an affiliate relationship with, e.g. American Express, click on their “affiliate program” link…or something to that effect, and go through the sign up process. They will usually send you via email a cut and paste link/logo that you can put on your website. Whenever someone clicks that link when visiting your site, they will be tracked by the affiliate company as “your” referral. You will then be rewarded accordingly.

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