Question by Mystic Paradigm: Any good affiliate programs with no minimum payout?
I am interested in trying affiliate marketing. I was checking some of the product/ service websites and most of them have minimum monthly payout amount for the affiliates such as $ 20 or $ 50. This means if I do not make the equivalent of the minimum payout amount, I can never get my money?

Are there any good affiliate programs that do not have any minimum payout so that I can get what I earn within a month?
Then what if I decide to close an account with them? Do I get paid what I have earned?

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Answer by Vocal Guru
Minimum payout just means they dont pay you until you earn that much money. For example, if minimum payout is $ 20 and you make $ 19 this month, then that doesnt mean your $ 19 will disappear. It just means that you need to make one more dollar before they send you a check. The money doesnt disappear, it just sits there until you earn enough for them to send a check. They do this to avoid having to send out checks for $ 3.50 and small amounts like that.

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