Question by NickD: Can I really make money using an affiliate program or CPA marketing?
I have recently heard about affiliate programs and CPA marketing. I don’t have a website nor I have spent much time researching ways to make money online but I am intrigued by this CPA thing. Can anyone tell me step-by-step how to get started with this and what is the actual money making potential in this. Does anyone know any real success stories and what did it take for that person to succeed?

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Answer by Jake Birdem
There are plenty of step by step courses out there, some that are affordable.

There is also a ton of BS work at home, work for google scam offers out there, some researchers say most work offers are scams.

Look for Internet Marketing forums where you can get a more realistic perspective.

Expect at best to lose some money up front, even successful CPA marketers may have to test 5-10 offers before coming up with a successful advertising/conversion combination. The majority of people don’t succeed at first and quit with ever seeing a profit.

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