Question by wantsab: Has anyone been involved with affiliate programs that work?
Can anyone tell me if the affiliate programs work? What can I do to improve my website?
does this look like a website that would generat an income. How can I be more visble on the internet.

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Answer by Adrian J
Sure affiliate programs work. It takes more then a one page website. I must say thats a good first landing page. If your new to affiliate marketing the worst niche to promote is internet marketing. While it’s a profitable niche it is very competitive. Pick one of your hobbies or interests. Your a member of click bank use the search function to find a good product in you hobbies niche and get a good keyword domain and put a blog or article site on it. and promote the hell out of it. Use article directories to increase your sites exposure. You can make money at affiliate marketing but it’s work like everything else, you just get the benefits of being your own boss.

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