Web Hosting Affiliate Program Here at Pure Energy, our web hosting service has always had two powerful things going for us, word of mouth advertising and extremely loyal customers. A very large chunk of our client base is made up of repeat customers, or people referred to us by existing happy customers. We’re happy to be able to take this to the next logical step, and start rewarding people who refer our service to others with cold hard cash. In addition, you can refer other webmasters to our affiliate program and receive commissions on *their* sales under our second tier program. In short, if someone you refer to us signs up for our affiliate program, you benefit each time they refer someone to our hosting service as well! Our Affiliate Program at a Glance Earn Two Ways – You earn for each new hosting client you refer to Pure Energy. – You earn for each new hosting client referred to Pure Energy by someone you referred to our affiliate program. 90 Day Cookies Some affiliate programs use cookies that expire almost overnight. Our browser cookies are kept on hand for 90 days, giving your referrals time to think about their purchase, come back later to signup, and you’ll still receive credit. Month to Month Service Some hosting affiliate programs only pay commissions on long term plans, in some cases requiring a person to prepay for an entire year before you get paid for the referral. All of our web hosting plans are offered on a month to month basis
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