Question by Shawn778: What are the best affiliate programs to do?
It seems to me like poker is good but may be getting old, and I know about surveys, but are these 2 affiliate programs the best? Also, does anyone have a layout or way to set them up to make them profitable? Thanks.

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Answer by imisidro
The best affiliate programs are the ones that target the same audience as your website

A site about travel to Europe works well with affiliate programs on travel booking sites, airlines, luggages, hotels, travel tours, travel books such as Amazon. Your site can provide the information, while the affiliate programs will provide the products that your audiences are very interested in and are prepared to buy.

The key is to know who your audiences are and what types of products they are most likely to respond. This is the best approach to finding affiliate programs that work

The worst approach is to create a site with no content, except affiliate ads. You will not be able to get traffic — and income from that type of site because it offers no value

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