Question by liz: Does it take much money to start up an internet business?
Do you need to have a lot of money on hand to start up an active internet business or is having the good idea the main thing? How do you get started?
I think I have an innovative idea for a new internet company but I don’t know to much about how to go about actually doing it yet.

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Answer by Wes
Great question! It’s one that puzzle a lot of people on the net.
Starting an Internet marketing business is one of the lowest entry price point businesses you can start. Lets think for a moment.

If you started a small franchised. Your minimum cost would fall in the range of 15k-25k. Lets say you started a middle to large franchise, you are looking at at least 75k- 350k and up.

Lets look at starting an Internet marketing business. At bare minimum you need an domain name, and hosting account. You could obtain a domain name from for about $ 15 bucks a year. You could get your hosting from for about $ 10 bucks a month.

Now the last part of this puzzle involve getting knowledge about Internet marketing. You could get free information from doing a search on However I’ll tell you not all free information is worthy information.

You could also invest a small amount in a proven guide. One that will give you a good starting point with proven methods for success. I used this guide … which helped me achieved the level of success that I was able to build on.

One last bit of advice. You will find different information, which in all practically terms work. However, it will only work if you put it action.

Hope this all helped.

To your success,

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