Question by Bret: How do I get started in purchasing an Internet business?
Legit and serious offers only. I am interested in purchasing a non-retail Internet business that is well established for at least 3 years. Purchase price no more than $ 25K. The annual profit is no less than $ 20K.

Please, list direct links to the offers. Thanks.

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Answer by ovationlj
You aren’t providing much information.

You need to contact the owner, partners, or CEO of the company. Phone call would be best, email might get you somewhere, but most likely won’t be taken too serious.

Another problem I have, is if the annual profit is no less than $ 20K, but the purchase price is no more than $ 25K. Well that just doesn’t make any sense. No one would sell a business for $ 25K if it makes $ 20K in Net Profit a year.

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