Question by ElJusticiero: Is fooling people the only way to succeed in internet business opportunities?
I have been told that if there are people who earn money by internet bussines opportunities, it is because they are good at fooling people.
So, are all those internet business opportunities a scam? What’s your opinion?

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Answer by Vladimir B

Lion in Sahara has a goal, what that my be is not always that obvious , well one day he my want to have nice fresh meal, next day perhaps a drink of some clean water, the day after maybe a little sleep his next goal my be find a mate. Can you see the point in lion’s life he has a set of goals first to catch a prey, secondly kill the unfortunate catch and the last goal be happy with full belly. The lion has no choice in the matter the goal setting is in its genes without the goal in his make up there would be no success or even life for lion.

Humans have progressed beyond hunting for food in bush, or Sahara. But in food hutting there is a goal would you agree. So the in periods gone by the goals were somewhat simplistic, but never the less it has it massage for modern counterparts. Human progress from simply hunting and food gathering was accomplished not without a desire to survive and of course have easier and more prosperous life.

The human progress in education, technology, medical discoveries, engineering or travel to space has it’s seeds planted, to be firstly having vision and a goal without it anything would never happen.

What is a goal?
Goal is an objective, a purpose, aim, point or endeavor. The goal has to be set in understandable and achievable time. Action taken to bring the dream into being is part of system in thinking and process. The goal has first be established and acted upon. Without goals millions of people wonder through life without even realizing that they don’t have any goals to aspire to and still wonder why an earth they are poor. Food is one of many essential mineral or a fuel of life’s goal setting is important on equal terms.

Individual need to focus on where they want to be in five years time that in it self will stimulate goal setting as it is possible their situation will improve in five years time. A psychological barrier needs to be overcome with possible gain in future. There isn’t any point looking back to our past pains, because that is something we all want to escape especially if that past has not brought us any success.

Like any large corporation needs to have a plan and plan ahead, by setting up objectives or a goal. Those large corporations plan well ahead with their objectives, fro 5, 10, 15 years. They visualize the future in clear precise manner.

You are as individual need to think plan like large corporations, visualize your future where would you like to be in next five or ten years.
Set clear answer in all your departments work or business, home department, social department.

1)Work & business Department 5 years from now
What income do you desire in ten years?
What level of responsibility do you look for?
What prestige does seek from your work or business?

2)Home Department 5 years from now
What level of standard do you aspire to?
What kind of residence do you want to provide for yourself and your family?
What kind and where will be your next vacation?
What level of income will you give away to charity?

3)Social department 5 years from now
What kind of friends do you desire to have?
What social groups do want to join with?
What community position do you look to hold?
What worthwhile cause do you want to be champion of?

Al of us has a dream some are bigger then others, of what we really want to do. But few of us actually capitulate to a dream or desire instead to surrender to dreams we instead murder it here are the reason whey the dream is put into waste been.

1)Self deprecation many people say I want to represent my country in football but say I don’t like to train or like the coach.
2)Security – I am secured where I am which jus about trashes your goal.
3)Competition – the field is already so overcrowded.
4)Parental Dictation – You have heard hundreds of people say to young people I want to become a plumber but the parents say they would like their children to do this.
5)Family responsibility – The attitude well I have the family now and I can’t change now.

It is quite amazing the more successful a person is the easier it is for them to work on regular basis for more then 40 hours per week. The successful person has the energy fueled by the goal. The bigger the goal in the eyes, the more they see, and more energy one has. The point is this; the energy increase, multiplies when goal is set and work toward the goal. It is quite amazing the goal entrenched deep in your mind you will receive to energy to drive toward your accomplishment.

What not to do in 30 days improvements guide.
What not to do?
1)Putting things off till tomorrow
2)Negative language
3)Watching television for more then 60 minutes per day.

Obtain those habits.
1)Examine your appearance each and every morning.
2)Plan your day’s work a day before.
3)Complement people on every opportunity.

Increase value in your work place
1)Do a better jog for your employer

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