Question by Desert: I would like to start internet business and make extra money: How?
would like to start internet business (I spend so much time on the www I might as well use this opportunity to supplement my income) and extra money: Only How? I would like to see if that is possible to get get a investor (sponser) to start. How much can one make if you work 5 hours a day and what is best to do?

Your help will be very much appreciated.

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Answer by Looking Up
You have so much to learn. Just don’t expect it to happen by next Monday morning, so keep your day job…at least for now.

To educate yourself, you need to sign up for every newsletter you can find on the subject. Once you start to get a handle on things, you can opt out of the ones you have no use for.

Read articles every chance you get. Study, hard work and time is what every business takes. Stick to it and you can make it happen.

Some great articles are on this site to help you understand a bit more.

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