Question by Nahte: What can I do with these skills if I want to start my own internet business?
What I can offer:

1) Vector drawing, layout design, type design, logo design, composition with Adobe Illustrator.

2) Photo manipulation, photo retouching, layout design, texturing, layout design with Adobe Photoshop.

3) Advanced usage and complex animation with Powerpoint.

4) Experiences with outdoor/indoor, above/under the line print media.

5) Advertising ideas that I have filed up.

6) Game ideas too.

7) 5-8 hours a day prepared for home based internet business.

Please guide. Thanks a lot.

Best answer:

Answer by mybestemail69
Graphic artist.

I do not see any info on whether you know basic html. You will be able to design a website with your skills but if you want it to have any scripting code in it you may be out of luck.

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