Question by Bleach: What is a business that can not be enhanced by the internet called?
I am doing a research paper in which I am going to discuss E-commerce and internet businesses versus anti-internet businesses only that is not a real word. So please DON’T give me an obvious and idiotic answer like “business.” I am looking for businesses that do/can not use the internet to greatly benefit themselves. THANK YOU!!

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Answer by Doran P
You may need to separate “Internet” and “E-Commerce” into distinctly different roles.

Every business on the planet would benefit from an “Internet” presence, because of the potential mass exposure. The internet allows a business a space to educate its ideal consumer about the companies product and service.

The whole point of being in business is to make and keep customers…so being exposed to as many potential customers as possible, is a massive advantage upgrade.

E-Commerce….I think this is where you are trying to identify a company which would not benefit from “Purchase” transactions over the internet….and again…as I sit here I am having difficulty thinking how this would not benefit any company. If something comes to mind I will edit this.

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