Question by teedee: What legal steps do I have to do when opening an internet business?
I am currently living in Mexico but I am an American citizen. I am currently working on an information website that I hope to make a few bucks here or there with advertisement. I do not want to register my business in Mexico. What do I have to do to make my internet business legal in the states?

Any information will be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by getpaidmonthly
What type of internet business are you running? E-commerce? Affiliation? Internet Marketing?

Of course the best course would be to go through a lawyer not only to give you legal advice but to prepare the proper documentation.

Otherwise, you’ll need a disclaimer page, privacy policy page, and have your website copyrighted. You may also need to submit an EIN number for tax purposes (many times you only need your ss), sales permit, and/or business permit depending on what state you live in.

Hope this helps

Warren Cinco, GDI Sponsor

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